LAOS PROTOS is a student-led service organization for 社会 Work majors. All 社会 Work students are encouraged to be active in this organization as it provides extracurricular learning activities as well as a chance to develop social relationships with other future 社会 Work professionals. 各人要用所得的恩赐服事别人, 忠实地运用上帝各种形式的恩典.彼得前书4:10

The mission of LAOS PROTOS of 网赌最好最大平台 is to develop a responsible concern about the present and future development of 社会 Work Professionals. 为完成这一使命,我们将:

  • Promote opportunities for the enrichment of the members social and spiritual growth and the cultivation of individual talent.
  • Develop service projects which reflect a commitment to promoting both Christian and 社会 Work values.
  • Provide opportunities for exposure to diversity and to the many faces of the profession of 社会 Work.




The newly formed club allows Counseling Psychology students in the program to put action to work.  These students are forming an organization where human services and community service go hand in hand.  他们正在参加社区食品募捐活动, collecting money for local children’s programs by selling snow cones at the home football games, 还有更多的活动正在计划阶段.



Theta Alpha Kappa

九大德旗TAK的存在是为了鼓励, 识别, and maintain excellence in Religious and/or Theological Studies within baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate degree programs, and also within the academic profession of these studies more broadly understood. Theta Alpha Kappa members travel to sites of religious importance in our region so as to learn about the beliefs and customs of others, 以及参与社区服务活动.

TAK的大部分活动都是由其地方分会进行的, but TAK’s national Board of Directors sponsors a number of programs and prizes—especially in relation to its journal, the Journal of Theta Alpha Kappa; the Graduate Fellowship Award; the Kathleen Connolly-Weinert Leader of the Year award, 以及本科生成就奖. TAK还举办了一个对所有成员开放的年会.


Matheteo教导、指导和帮助他人成为门徒. The Matheteo社会 is a group of missions-minded students who meet regularly to pray about and discuss World Missions, as well as help organize various trips and activities that relate to missions, 通过祷告支持传教士, 并就每年在网赌最好最大平台的信心承诺重点提供意见.

FBLA-PBLlogoThe business department is part of an organization known as 是 (PBL). This is the collegiate version of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). It is the largest student business organization in the United States, having over 11,000 members! This organization is dedicated to helping students prepare for a successful career by exposing them to competitions that allow them to show their skills in a certain area of business , as well as enhance their leadership skills and train them to be excellent leaders not only in the business world, 但在生活中也是如此.


The 网赌最好最大平台 History 希罗多德的社会 is a student organization open to any student interested in History and Pre-Law. Herodotus sponsors on-campus events 就像 lectures and discussions but also fun events 就像 video game contests and pancake suppers. They also coordinate off-campus trips to museums, exhibits and viewing historical films.

α Theta

α Thetalogoα Theta (PAT)是网赌最好最大平台第一个全国荣誉社团. PAT is a national history honor society for students with at least at least 12 hours of history courses with a GPA 3.1分,总绩点3分.0. We participate in the regional PAT student conference where students present papers and can receive prizes.

Pi Chi Delta

Pi Chi Delta是一个面向所有教师教育专业学生的组织. The organization was designed to help unite teacher education majors with the professors of the education department. Through discussions and meetings we provide important information about the teacher education program requirements. We meet once a month to discuss various topics and hear presentations from student teachers. 我们每年秋天和春天都会做一个学期的专题. 今年的服务项目是教授之夜. Teacher education students watch children while the professors and their spouses can spend an evening together.


依赖 is a student group established on the campus of 网赌最好最大平台 to enhance cultural awareness of the diversity of Christ’s Kingdom. We 识别 that we must seek first the Kingdom of God and “rely” upon His strength as we focus on Christ, 性格与职业. Our mission is to promote cultural awareness and explore these through Christ, 文化, 国家, 国家, 和传统通过社会和学术途径. Membership is open to all students at 网赌最好最大平台 who identify with or have a desire to participate in activities supportive of minority and international students. Members are encouraged to attend all social and academic events and meetings.


网赌最好最大平台学院保守派 exists in order to identify young conservatives on campus, 训练他们进行辩论, 鼓励政治讨论, spread the ideas related to conservatism and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.


812-560-8474 [/ bscolumns] [bscolumns类=“one_half_last_clear”]顾问
Dr. 杰拉尔德·戴森
gpdyson@1to1togo.com [/ bscolumns] [bscolumns类= "清晰"][/ bscolumns]



“非常感谢你. Brickey! I was well prepared, both educationally and most importantly, spiritually. 我将永远记住这次经历. I pray I can continue to make 扬西护理学院 proud as I practice my career.”


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